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What Sets Us Apart?

Drive Fleet Productivity, Safety & Efficiency

GPS Tracking & Fleet Management Software

Munoz Trucking

It helps you avoid delays. It helps you find the shortest routes. It helps you find the quickest way to get [to your destination]; which in turn saves you fuel. It all goes hand-in-hand.

As soon as [law enforcement officers] see the [Teletrac Navman] sign on the door, they don’t even mess with us. They know we’re running legal, because there’s no way around it; you can’t beat it.

Independent Operators/Drivers

We’re talking about having a fuel mileage bonus [and] a lot of different programs that we’d like to start. That we believe we can offer now, that we couldn’t before, because we couldn’t monitor anything. It gives us the opportunity for growth when it comes to offering something to the drivers.

Bancroft and Sons Transportation

Why Us? Why Now?

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is proven and trusted by more than 40,000 fleets of all sizes and tracks more than 500,000 vehicles across 87 countries. DIRECTOR's fleet management software saves fleet owners time, money, and reduces their carbon footprint. Our customers report lower fuel usage, less driver overtime and unauthorized use, and increased productivity.

Currently Tracking 500,000+ Vehicles Worldwide

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR® is a fully integrated, FMCSA compliant fleet management software solution created with ease of use and efficiency in mind. Improve your fleet's efficiency and reduce your mobile workforce costs and liability with GPS vehicle tracking, seamless dispatching, and real-time web-based reporting.

Accurate GPS Tracking

See the location of each of your vehicles in real-time on your computer or mobile device

Actionable Business Data

Receive instant vehicle updates on metrics like fuel consumption, driver safety ratings, and  engine status

How Teletrac Navman Can Help Your Business

Increase Driver Safety

Instant insight into driver HOS so you can make timely decisions about scheduling

ELD/HOS Compliance

Our system is federally compliant, allowing you to operate under FMCSA regulations

  • Fuel Savings
    Fewer "extra stops", more direct routes, better mpg, less idling and less unauthorized usage. Average fuel consumption reduced by up to 30%.*
  • Labor Savings
    Saves up to 30 minutes per day per vehicle. Average overtime reduced by 15%.*
  • Increase Productivity
    At least one more job per day per employee. Average productivity increased by 12%.*
  • Improve Customer Service
    Know your exact arrival times, respond more effectively to emergencies and last-minute changes.
  • Improve Communication
    The industry's most effective 2-way messaging. No more cell phone hassle, and all messaging date/time stamped and archived.
  • No More Time Cards
    Now automated with easy-to-use payroll reports.
  • Reduce Traffic Violations
    Driving behavior monitoring and real-time alerts.
  • Enhance Security & Safety
    Integrated GPS, monitoring, alerts, messaging and more

* Results based on a recent Teletrac customer survey


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